Calibration unit


The Bio-Well Calibration Unit is an attachment necessary to calibrate the device.

Included with Bio-Well device purchase. Can be sold seperately as a replacement.

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  • Necessary to calibrate the Bio-Well device to the local environment to produce more accurate data.
  • Metrological testing of the Bio-Well device


  • Graphical presentation of data
  • All data may be saved for future processing and review


  • Ensures the most accurate results possible from the Bio-Well device.


  • Product contents: Calibration Unit with Calibration Cable
  • Dimensions:
    • Calibration Unit: 2"l x 2.5"w x 2.5"h
    • Calibration Cable: 29.5"l x .13"w x .13"h
    • Weight: .12 lb.


For the Calibration User Manual and other tutorial materials, CLICK HERE.